WhoAmI – Massimiliano “M4mu5qu3” Petrilli

PM/R&D, Web Developer, IT Engineer & IBM System i Specialist.

Love, Live & Code. Always looking for the ingeniously better, faster and secure way.

Actual occupations:

    • SeSa s.p.a. – Software Engineer & Analyst, Web Developer, IT Specialist & IBM System i Specialist, IT Project Manager, R&D (since Apr 2011)

Volunteer Experience:

    • A.S.D. Decima Airborne Softair Team – Pisa – Vice-president, Team Member, Web Site & Forum Creator & Manager, Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager, Brand Manager (since Jan 2013)

Personal Infos:

  • Italian guy, born in June, 1983.
  • Living in the wonderful Tuscany, Italy (province of Pisa)
  • Lovingly Married
  • Enthusiastic Father of my newborn daughter
  • Proudly owner of Axel, my little black half-breed old dogPetrilli's Family in the Garden

Known Areas

Excellent Knowledge:

  • Web Developer: DHTML (DOM, CSS3, XHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery)
  • Programming Languages: PHP, RPG ILE, CL ILE, VB.NET, C#
  • Development Environnement: Adobe Dreamweaver CC, MS Visual Studio 2012/2019
  • Repository and Versioning: SVN, Git, Azure DevOps (ex Microsoft Team Foundation)
  • Office Packages: MS Office, Lotus, Libre Office, etc.
  • O.S.: MS Windows (98, XP,Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Unix, i5/OS, Android

Very Good Knowledge:

  • Graphical Environnement: Adobe Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC
  • DataBase: MySQL, MS SQL Server, DB2
  • Virtualization Environnement: Virtual Box, KVM/Qemu, VMWare
  • WebServices Protocols: SOAP / REST
  • Web Developer: ASP.NET / MVC, C#
  • CMS: Joomla, Drupal, Docebo, WordPress, PHPBB
  • IT Security, Network Design, LAN, structured cabling, Wireless

Good Knowledge:

  • Computer Graphics: AutoCAD 2D/3D, 3DStudioMAX
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java
  • Communication Infrastructures: LAN, FM Radio, GPS, Navigation Systems
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance

 Sport activities:

  • Airsoft:
    • Decima Airborne Softair Team – Pisa: 2011 – 2013, role: team member
    • Decima Airborne Softair Team – Pisa: since 2013, role: team member & vice-president
  • Martial Arts:
    • Centro Studio Sport, Karate – Cassino (FR): 1993, role: athlete
    • Palestra Training, Kan Bu Jin – Cassino (FR): 2001-2002, role: athlete
    • C.U.S. Pisa, Kung-Fu Shaolin – Pisa: 2007-2010, role: athlete
    • C.U.S. Pisa, JuJitsu – Pisa: 2010-2012, role: athlete
    • I.M.B.A., Muay Thai Boran – Empoli: 2012-2013, role: athlete
    • Fiore Rosso, Wing Tsun Kung Fu – Pisa: 2015-2017, role: athlete


0xC7DA701D – Fingerprint: F4AA DD8C 0DD5 E0E3 4A24 917E 0164 E0F7 C7DA 701D (also downlodable at pool.sks-keyservers.net)

My CV:

Download my Curriculum Vitae in PDF/A Format (v. 20170427)

Social Profiles:

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Updated on Aug 19th 2019